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Gospel Music In Ghana, A Soul Winner? – Nana Wiafe Writes

Across the length and breadth of the Bible are evidences of how Prophets and men of God used songs to glorify the Almighty Jehovah. David in particular made us understand how wonderful it feels as a believer to sing to the Lord. Gospel music has all over the years been a tool Christians use to worship the Almighty father. It is believed that through gospel songs, God is highly exalted and worshiped which in turn work miracles in the believer’s life.

Gospel music as a genre in Ghana has seen a lot of great musicians over the last two decades. Elder Mireku, Yaw Sarpong, Teggoe Sisters, Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Suzzy and Matt, Rev Esther Nyamekye just to mention a few have all paid their dues in Gospel music in Ghana. Songs from these Gospel musicians back then had and still have some spirits in them. These were songs when sung moves you into the spiritual realms and you feel the holy spirit at work. It is not surprising that a lot of worship songs nowadays by today’s Gospel musicians are new renditions of the old gospel songs. Not only did the message in the songs preached about Christ, the behavior of those musicians as were seen at least in their public lives also portrayed those of Christians.

Gospel music is seen as a different genre when it comes to the message, and even writing of the song itself. Very often, you hear these musicians say God revealed the songs to them and that the songs carry messages from God to His people. Wow. But in modern times things have changed. Gospel music is on the low, and I know there are a number of factors that can be attributed to the poor state gospel music finds itself now. Some can even argue that the whole music industry is on its knees, so no wonder its subset is kinda falling flat. With what is happening now in the Gospel Music scene I want to believe that the so called message our Gospel musicians preach in their songs are only meant for us the listeners.

The behavior of most of these Gospel musicians nowadays are only not questionable but shameful to Gospel music in Ghana and Christians as a whole. From accusations of marital infidelity to indecent dresses and speeches in public. These behaviors have not only relegated Gospel music to the back in Ghana music scene but have also made it unattractive for even Christians. Take a trip to churches today and you will only hear foreign gospel been sung throughout the service.

It’s about time these so called Gospel artistes understand what it means to sing gospel songs and know that being a Gospel artiste is far from just singing the song. It’s a full time ministry to win souls for Christ. Hence, the behavior and attitude of the singer must corroborate the message he or she sends otherwise anybody with a gift of a good voice can be a gospel musician.

These Gospel musicians need to understand that they are not ordinary musicians but special people through which God speak to His people and therefore have extra responsibilities and like they say to whom much is given, much is certainly expected. They should be made to understand that doing gospel music is not a business venture and competition but to reach out to God’s peoples and the lost ones.

Nobody is saying a Gospel musician should not look dapper but at least be decent. Nobody is saying a Gospel musician should not engage in these social media stuff but please be polite and modest because your job as a Gospel musician is to reach out to the lost sheep not to scatter the already saved souls.

Kudos to the few who are still keeping it real

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