Shemima of date rush has taken to her page to break down in tears narrating how her date on the reality show Ali broke up with her officially.
Shemima who to her Tik Tok page disclosed that Ali has broken up with her and is now officially single and also free; although it hurts her.
Shemima described the breakup between Ali and herself as a relationship that “ended in tears”, saying that she has been crying all day.
While shedding tears, Shemima said she turned down many suitors because of Ali and said she was doing so because of the notion that she was in a serious relationship with him.
She however said Ali did not value the love and has ended up breaking her heart, leaving her sad and dejected.
Shemima went on to add that she had regretted going on national television to look for love and announced she was now very single and moving on with her life.
Among many other reasons that led to the breakup, Shemima recounted that she was always at the receiving end of warnings and threats from a certain lady asking her to stay away from Ali.
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